How To Finger A Girl

How a girl without hurting her finger

How to finger a girl in a way that will not be affected? For security reasons, always make sure that your nails are clean and trimmed are. It’s like cutting the vagina or could even cause germs because of his dirty fingers. Is not it shameful? If you want to finger a girl, first ensure that personal hygiene is observed. Also, make sure the girl wants to be fingers.

Some girls do not want to be the fingers so it is best to ask her out or take it easy by starting to play the vagina at some point. Each girl has her G-spot. This is where the pleasure is important. Likely than girls to enjoy it if no penetration fingering. Also remember not to put the whole hand or arm there. Besides hurting your baby, but can also cause health hazard. You only have to do with your two fingers and sufficient.

When it comes to the fingers of his girl, you can find or place the girl’s G-spot by inserting a finger or two fingers into the vagina. Your palm should be facing up. Penetrate and gently slide your fingers back and forth. Also, keep in mind that every woman has a different feeling. Some are so sensitive to these guys always have to be careful and gentle. Once you have introduced fingers into the vagina, feeling the girl’s clitoris. Clitoris feels like a lump in the vagina that, once rubbed the girl makes crazy.

Always remember, be kind in touch however, be strong in action in order to keep the girl’s orgasm. Keep on entering which will add more stimulation, not only by the girls, and the opposite sex or the like. If you feel that you have rubbed it too much, gently move your fingers that would not add more pain. While rubbing, ask the girl if the penetration is sufficient or that it causes pain.

You can do it anywhere you want. You can be on the floor, in bed, in the car, on top of the table, and elsewhere. In doing foreplay with her, trying to slow down his pants and underwear and watch his reaction. Rub your feet to the legs and thighs until every one of your vagina. If she feels comfortable in what you are doing. I also think that if it is wet so if you are inserting the nail on the head, which does not cause much pain in the vagina and is lubricated.

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